Be a Part of Drupal is Everywhere!

We're getting the word out about DrupalCon Chicago by passing out stickers at upcoming DrupalCamps and other meet-up events around the world!

We've already sent out several thousand stickers, along with some information about DrupalCon and some of the cool stuff planned for Chicago next March.

Here's a list of upcoming events at which you can get your stickers:

  • January 22-23, 2011: DrupalDownunder - Brisbane, Australia

The following local Drupal user groups have also been sent stickers:

  • Boston Drupal User Group
  • Chicago Drupal Meetup Group
  • DC Drupal User Group
  • DrupalNYC
  • Drupal Taiwan
  • Grup d'Usuaris de Drupal en llengua catalana
  • Iowa Drupal User Group
  • LA Drupal User Group
  • Maryland Drupal User Group
  • Milwaukee Drupal User Group
  • New Hampshire Drupal User Group
  • Paris Drupal Drupal User Group
  • Sacramento Drupal User Group

You can also download a PDF of the sticker design to create your own Drupal is Everywhere stickers, signs, or anything else you can imagine!

In return, we're asking folks to help us out by showing the world that Drupal is Everywhere! You can do this by taking photos of any DrupalCon Chicago stickers that you see and uploading them to the Drupal is Everywhere photo pool on Flickr.

Want to add your photos? Here's how it works:

  1. Place your DrupalCon Chicago sticker somewhere. This could be on yourself, your laptop, a waffle iron, on the trunk of your favorite elephant, on a bicycle seat, next to a politician or anywhere else you can think of. The more creative and interesting, the better!
  2. Take a picture of your sticker in its new environment.
  3. Go to
  4. If you have a Yahoo! account, sign in. If you don’t, sign up for a Yahoo! account. Then sign in.
  5. Join the Drupal is Everywhere! group.
  6. Upload the photo of your DrupalCon Chicago sticker to your photo- stream. Click the “Add this photo to your map!” link to indicate where it was taken.
  7. When you are done uploading your photo click the “Groups” heading at the top of the page. Under “Groups you belong to”, click the “Drupal is Everywhere!” link.
  8. Click the “Add something?” link above the photos.
  9. Select the photo you just uploaded and then under “Your Selections” click “Add To Group”.
  10. Return to often to see where Drupal shows up next!

Our goal is to get photos of DrupalCon Chicago stickers taken in every corner of the world, demonstrating the global reach of the Drupal community.

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