The Coolest Database->Git Hack Ever

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March 8th, 11:00 AM - 12:30 PM

Your client swears up and down they didn't change anything on the server, but somehow everything's broken right after you gave them the admin password? Tons of new nodes added, so a full DB rollback isn't an option? Wouldn't it be awesome if you could just "diff" your database?

Now you can. From the command line.

The core of this discussion will run about fifteen minutes (so you still have time for lunch), and free candy will be provided. I'll be available to chat afterward for as long as you'd like, though.

Keywords: Beer, motorcycles, storm troopers, salsa dancing



Code Availability


If you're looking for the code, I've added a URI ( to the original post, above. Write support (which involved writing a fast JSON parser in C!) is nearly complete, but I'd welcome additional contributors. Read support is solid. Anyone feel like writing some unit tests for me? :D

Anyway, enjoy!


Basically, all you need is

Basically, all you need is

drush sql-dump --ordered-dump --result-file=tmp.sql && git commit tmp.sql

scor made some wrapper commands -

I agree with the comments

I agree with the other comments.

Now that this BOF is over, if you could provide this information somewhere that would be very useful for those of us who weren't aware it was happening, or were unable to attend.

Thanks in advance. :)

More Information

Hey, all. This is Dan; I was behind this BoF. I'll have something public available after DrupalCon, but for now, if you drop by the BlackMesh booth in the exhibit hall (near the Day Stage), I'll be happy to show you what I've got. Alternately, if you drop me an email, I can send you source code.


It's after Drupalcon...hurry

It's after Drupalcon...hurry it up!!! ;P

Explanation of Delay

Ha! Fair enough. I've been quite busy with a migration these last two weeks, but I took the opportunity to add JSON support to it, for which I had gotten a few requests.

I intended to release this sooner, but obviously, paying customers come first. Those who've emailed me do have a copy to play with, though. Everyone else will get their mitts on it—hopefully!—next week.

Have you blogged this

Have you blogged this anywhere? I'd love to know more, but the session's over...



Cool. How?

Can you say how? :-)

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