Drupal 7 and Online Advocacy: A Collaborative Roadmap

Time slot: 
March 9th, 3:45 PM - 4:45 PM

Calling all world-changing Drupalists!

If you make websites that get people mobilized, that engage politicians and decision makers to make people's voices heard, that help people connect to one another to make the change they want to see...join us.

We'll be talking about what's needed for the next chapter of Drupal advocacy tools. A lot of us are working on building our own solutions and tools, and sharing when we can. Let's talk about our needs and the needs of those we work with, and set up a roadmap that will enable us to collaborate over the course of the next year to make Drupal 7 an even more first-class platform for the creation of online advocacy sites.

Please leave a comment below if you plan to attend so we can do our best to make sure there's enough room.


BoF Notes

Thanks to everyone who came out! Below are the raw notes from our visioning session and some of the next steps we identified. We'll be posting a matrix version to use as a framework for our evaluation of the current state of Drupal eAdvocacy modules shortly and be sure to share the link with all who sign up via twitter (tweet "i'm in" with hashtag "#drupalforgood"), the is.gd form link (below) and on this comment thread.


  • Petitioning
  • Mobile
  • SMS Integration
  • 1st class leg. data
  • Fully integrated with email technology
    • mass-mailing
    • mailing to targets
  • VOIP
    • Phonebanking
    • Reminder calls
    • Polling
      Click to call
  • Dynamic conditional content
    • Personalization/contextualization
    • Email-based
  • Online knowledge sharing/trainings
  • Turnkey integrated microsites
  • Maps/Walklists
  • General organizing tools
  • All levels of legislative data
  • Social network integration
  • Distributions targeted at specific types of advocacy
  • Unified API modules, w/ support in multiple eAdvocacy modules
  • Fundraising/Donations/Deep eCommerce
    • Custom asks
    • Text to Give
    • Peer to Peer
    • Membership
    • Memorial
  • eAdvocacy analytics
  • Engagement Scores
  • Funnels
  • Widget support
  • Robust privacy support
    • Tracking optional
    • Analytics optional
  • Letter writing
  • Letters to the editor
  • Integrated CRM
  • Video
  • Online town hall
  • Volunteer management
  • Crowd-sourcing
  • Online/offline materials
    • Edu
    • Petitions
    • Pretty print integration
    • Sign-makers
  • Voter score card
  • Vote tracking, bill tracking
  • Court system integration
  • Collaborative writing/drafting
  • OpenGov't data integration
  • Data visualization
  • Send a fax
  • Integration w/ message to target services
    • Salsa
    • ActionKit
    • Advocacy Online
    • CapWiz
  • Support for alternate engagement models
  • Internationalization
  • Accessibility
  • Wiki
  • Support those outside the Drupal community
  • Link to crowd-sourced maintained tools (Freebase, wikidata)


  • Space to share existing features
  • Create a single features server
  • Start wiki page/matrix on Drupal for Good (Status Reports)
  • Make recipes
  • Write up a standards document/mission
  • Get Funding
  • #drupalforgood posts on how eadvocacy objectives were reached
  • DrupalCon/Camp day of service
  • Drupal for Good sprint

Next steps

  • Matrix of supported technologies and Drupal support
  • Build a feature server
  • Signup link: http://is.gd/d0AcF5
  • Conference call and follow-up get together/conference/camp/meetups, etc.

I'll be there.

I'll be there.

I'll be there! Also

I'll be there!

Also potentially worth pointing out related BoFs earlier on Wednesday:

Drupal for Community Organizations, Nonprofits, and NGOs (10-11am)

Democracy in Action and Salsa Integration (11am-12pm)

I'm in!

I'm in!

Sounds great

+1 for Darko Hrgovic from http://www.agentic.ca

Sounds great

+1 for Darko Hrgovic from http://www.agentic.ca

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