Drupal and Government

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March 10th, 2:15 PM - 3:15 PM

Let's talk about Drupal in the government sector.

I am personally new to the government sector as a Code for America fellow. So, I invite others to set the topics here on what we discuss (please leave a comment). Some ideas are the following:

  • Networking. Simply just talking about who we are and what we do so that we can remain in contact later.
  • Projects/demos. Showcase projects, demo sites, etc..
  • Discuss the challenges of working in government sector..
  • The future. Discuss what is coming up in the sector and where trends are..
  • Any number of other things.....



Original g.d.o thread: http://groups.drupal.org/node/131154

Drupal and Government BOF
Notes (mostly by chachasikes)

@noneck - best was to tackle - best practice d7/6 different distrubutions - collaborative & unified direction
aaron ellison aellison - data here to hear
ben - dev shop in san francisco
tom stovack REI systems developer - performance.gov
yetin khadilkar REI systems
rajiv jivan (rjivan)- architect
cha snyder - energy lab - golden colorado department of energy (DOE) - DOE is going to drupal 7 - web developer manager
justin hollingsworth - defense information systems agency - forward shot mill - softwareforge.mill - Department of Defence (DoD) version of sourceforge - community site in drupal broader audience of things pertaining to software dev - agile discussions PKI enabling w/ certificates, can't use passwords
John MacKinnon - Akamai - "throat to choke" in front of Drupal - absorb traffic to whitehouse.gov & content pushing - initiatives - mobile - understanding where drupal community is heading - collaboration platform out of box making it easier for gov't agency to adopt drupal/open source - - community support/accountability - provide power
184GB traffic in 8 hours white house july 4 - whacked/intrusion attempt
Alan Palazzolo - with Code for America - new nonprofit open source web based technologies in to governments, focusing on municipal governments - interested in meeting everyone
understanding efforts & how Code for America fits in
Chacha with Code for America- June as Drupal for cities month
Arman Anwar (arman) - xululabs.com - learning about government space
Debbie Deacy - illinois county - redesign with another CMS - municipal gov't - using drupal for intranet and interested in open public for redesign
Jason - octavia public schools - used drupal last two years interested in open public
andrew(?) British Columbia - getting sites out of joomla and into drupal - here to meet
() Lanz - organizing drupalgovdays
Danial Abadie - director buenos aires web
Amy Adams - california state stem cell funding agency - building sites with drupal for (2) years - community site with drupal - mapping
Kirsten Birgard - co-founded Drupal for Gov with noel - 160 gov't employees - gov't employees only - state fed courts - and a few from outside US - nice to share but not interact with vendors (for interference sake) - department of veterans affairs - one of a few int'l gov't agencies - sort of like state department in that respect - provide services to veterans in active service/ currently deployed
noneck: if we participate in conversations without identity as who we are working for
kirsten - another group with common purpose -
two gov't sites on drupal.org
state and federal
municipalities and XXX
alan: are there other places where these discussions happen?
noneck: lack of conversations in regard to federal agencies - have shared bureaucratic issues - political capacities are a challenge
cities and municipalities - lens focued on public information resources - children, welfare, housing authorities, parks department - tangible to municipal boundaries - kieran lal - great job documenting federal level
some discussion to make a chart - drupal adoption across government
by tracking gov sites pinging back to server
largest conversation: when gathered at drupalcon - otherwise it's scattered throughout gov 2.0 events, last two years - slowly starting to build
last year - 1+ birds of a feather
municipal people - have distro
no concrete location of where these conversations happen
putting many resources on drupal.org
kirsten: finds groups to be overwhelming
a listserv on google
OMB platform Office of Management and Budget
OMBmax - system that calculates budget items for federal government
job postings
question: can a non-profit space host another site
kirsten: we want to do more coordinated look and feel
noneck: conversation in relation to open public & civic commons (developing non profit to be a mediator between open source software for gov't)
2 years developing drupal for gov't in theory
what do we want to be doing to bring selves together
open public creating its own space for community
how do we continue to have these conversations - int'l federal municipal - not loose conversation for another year
kirsten: gov't employees BOF - limitation of atrium can't respond through email - i don't have time to hack it, or have technical knowledge to be able to do that
otherwise betaspaces would be helpful
codesprint in july - best practices for agencies - creating events for selves - ex. webinar - allows coordination between each other
q: is listserv a major hurdle that would help solving?
kirsten: that would help
hundreds of gov't sites
starting to be divided by nation
a few people use govloop email - not very active
naive audience - people using drupal getting referred back to drupal group
noneck - what is CFA doing
national association for government webmasters- organization for local municipal webmasters - busy - lots of activity and yearly conference
web content managers (not sure the difference)
content managers forum - people from mexico - city gov't mexico - tribal webmasters & city/local state & legistlative core - 8000 - very active listserv - next week is the conference
first time to include contractors
alan: what are people's thoughts about open public?
Q: what license is Open Public
A: BSD -
noneck: it's a drupal project
noneck: open data platform - NGO's and people dealing with large datasets
in community at critical junction - future development - around apps framework in open public -anything i want to sync my developers into - interested in embracing that framework
508 compliance and framework that enables other government agencies
open ideation framework - talking about features to start working on in open public
open public as foundation and lattice - finding out openly who is working - conversation happening after this one
getting consensus and code sharing between gov't offices-at end of day not a lot of uniqueness to each individual agency - no point for them all to spend own money building the same thing - the apps part of open public - that part would be nice
interested in apps for open public - IT Dashboard - extending views & maps & charts - would like to get those into open public
you did some work with charts - charting BOF despondent about charts - room full of nondevelopers -
we've got a lot of data
we've got a lot of charts
performance.gov - goals progress - money spent towards goals w/ progress
graphics and visually showing those numbers
did for city of new york. module for new york site - view and graph - views ___ charts
doesn't use flash - will be available
new york cities minority report card
drupal 6 - there will be a big to do in relation to "IT Dashboard"
federal CIO - Vivek will probably announce
in a few weeks
performance.gov hopefully in April
(something like that...
improper payments - rate of producing improper payments
noneck: one call a month
monthy - audible checkin - would you spend an hour to talk about different sites?
(a bunch of yeses?)
request: put on one day -Noel will set this up
would be nice: after a bunch of calls - present sites -
everyone wants to show work - could get a lot of involvment - single meetup in DC
Drupal for Gov - meets on a quarterly basis
DC Drupal Meetup on Monday Nights
Drupal for Gov
issue with webinar - agencies - prohibited from using certain calling software
ex. social security - have access to nothing - have to go to coffeeshop to make a call
constant problems doing screenshares with them
tried conference call before - more difficult for people who need to talk to talk.
experimenting with this
ustream - live stream of youtube -
kirsten: we can't do any livestreaming of anything
any live stream filtered on my agency
gregory heller: hears a need for a venue to share successes and failtuers & technological barriers
30-40 ppl - 20 others who
500 more in country who would like to talk about drupal and gov for days on end
what if there was an event for this? to talk about drupal for 3 days -
gov't application
drupal for government -
drupal for gov
could people form organizing committee - saw before end of year
alan: would you go?
noneck: reservation
DC - magnetic pole
physical gatherings - noble idea - all the people who not givng airspace
DC overrepresented and conversation domination
hears that we need a better way to curate and communicate with each other
and come up with standing committee that will help push - a core team to help navigate these different apparati
organizing for summit/monthly calls - directing people to it
seconding people who say dc is one magnetic pole
california - no budget for travel
drupal for fed
drupal for state elsewhere
monthy meeting not soluation for everyone
gregory: don't know if there's a limiation to watch video
created videos to describe new initiatives - short format 5-10 minutes with slides and picture of presenter to share initiative internally
if everyone in gov't could create a 10 minute update - put in group on youtube - people can have library of videos - like ted talks - to go and watch and see -

people taking responsibility

Chartling Solution

For those of you who were in this BOF, we discussed a module that rendered charts that we've used for a few gov sites. We're expecting it to be part of our open source release of the IT Dashboard code. Should be out in 60 days from this date or less. I'll share with the group when avail.


here's the URL where it's in action:


i'm looking forward to this conversation!


great! Going to be there!


Going to be there!

Ivo Radulovski

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