Maestro: Bringing business process automation to Drupal 7

Time slot: 
March 9th, 2:15 PM - 3:15 PM

"If you can flowchart it, you can automate it with Maestro"

Maestro is a workflow engine for Drupal 7 which is geared for business process automation (

In this BOF we aim to:

1. Demonstrate how to configure Maestro.
2. Give an overview of how to use Maestro -- as an administrator as well as a user.
3. Automate a near-real-world workflow process scenario with as much out-of-the-box Maestro functionality as possible.
4. Demonstrate how to use an interactive task for your own purposes.
5. Demonstrate how to use batch function tasks (We'll have a few examples ready ahead of time).
6. Demonstrate how to use Content Type tasks.

We'll have a few workflow patterns prepared ahead of time -- however we're looking to the community at large to send us any examples of workflow patterns you'd like to see automated! Due to limited time in the BOF sessions, we won't be able to automate your entire company's hiring process, however maybe we can show off how to do a portion of it!

If we can have workflow patterns sent to us a week before Drupalcon Chicago starts, we would have enough time to choose one of them and demonstrate how to do it!

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