Structuring and sustaining community-driven projects

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March 8th, 5:45 PM - 6:45 PM

Small projects like code sprints or modules often don't happen because the benefits are too distributed and the costs (of work) too concentrated.

How do we create an infrastructure that will support community-funded projects? How do we coordinate projects that are accountable to stakeholders (from end-users to development shops, freelance developers to UI researchers)? How do we create projects that are open, transparent, and collaborative? Who owns Drupal? Who owns Drupal projects?

We have a lot of questions. Let's talk about some answers.


Drupal Kata (Open Atrium) project created for this group

This site provides Open Atrium features for management of tasks associated with this group's work.

This is in keeping with the idea that tools that are developed should be built in the open and contributed back to the community. The DrupalKata is the site currently used by the Drupal Open Learning Initiative for management of learning projects.

- eric_sea

Similar Models and Projects to check out for this effort

I'm very jazzed to hear the enthusiasm to bring this effort to life for the Drupal community. Here are a few links I'd like to share related projects:

Bitcoin (BoF on Thursday 10-11) A great method for sending donations/funding that has no to very low transaction fees.

Start Some Good A new version that uses the Kickstarter format with enhancements

Craig Connects Craigslist Founder Craig Newmark's new effort.

I"m glad the Drupal Group Paying for the Plumbing has been started up for this effort.

Couple of models

Two ideas/models:

If I'm not mistaken there is

If I'm not mistaken there is going to be a gov bog at the same time that I should attend. Let's see if I get there.

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