Fieldable Media Entites

Time slot: 
March 9th, 5:00 PM - 6:00 PM
Michigan A/B

Drupal has long needed better media handling in core. Drupal 7 has come a long way (with PHP stream wrapper support and the Image module as examples), but it needs much more. Files are more than images, including, but not limited to, audio, video, pdf, etc. Throw remote streams into the mix, and there is a lot missing from core.

We need a media asset manager in core, or at least a better API to handle it more easily in contrib. We need more intelligent handling of streams (permissions, a basic remote stream wrapper, etc.) We need fieldable media/file entities.

Proposed solution: 

The Media module, developed over the past two years by over a dozen developers, solves many of these issues in contrib. I suspect that this module will become the defacto media asset manager for many Drupal 7 sites in the months to come.

I propose that for Drupal 8, we strip out some of the API from the module to place into core. Particularly the fieldable media entity pieces. Additionally, with more eyes from core developers, we can probably identify other pieces suitable for core inclusion.

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