Let's HTML5-ify Drupal!

Time slot: 
March 9th, 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM
Michigan A/B

HTML5 is hot. It will change the web. Drupal could get left behind if we don't get HTML5 support into core.

Specifically, core needs support for HTML5 Form API so that contrib project maintainers can leverage the power of HTML5 forms.

The markup for menus, scripts, styles, and published date is just too hard to change for people who aren't Drupal theming experts. They will get frustrated trying to make Drupal output HTML5.

This is a good time to work on the default theme markup for Drupal core — the node, page, block, comment tpls, etc., as well as for Bartik.

Core leads the community. Let's lead everyone into the future.

Why is HTML5 cool?

  • HTML4 is from 1999. HTML5 supports the websites people are creating now.
  • Powerful APIs for developing applications.
  • Lots of tools for making mobile apps/sites.
  • Better UX for entering content via forms, especially for mobile devices.
  • Using HTML5 instead of jQuery for certain interfaces would lighten core, make sites run faster, and allow for easier customization.
  • Semantic HTML means better findability and accessibility long-term.
Proposed solution: 

Let's alter core to support HTML5!

We have a gang of people working on this already — using the HTML5 Tools module and HTML5 Base theme to gather together all the changes we want for core, and make them available for Drupal 7. THese projects are a place for us to think through all the details, and test our plans. We also simply want to get the community behind our ideas, and start working on patches for Drupal 8.

We want to use this core conversation to ignite the community in a direction forward, and wrangle cats to be involved.

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