Redesigning the Issue Queue

Time slot: 
March 10th, 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM
Michigan A/B

I'm not sure if you noticed but, despite much of being redesign, the issue queue was only re-skinned. It doesn't even have a proper place to live in the Information Architecture. This, arguably the most important thing on!

(I'm allowed to say this, I'm one of the people who chose to design other things first)

The issue queue is the source of real problems in getting Drupal work done and redesigning it could have really a really positive impact on the way we work together. I think this is a hugely exciting and important design problem and I'd LOVE for us to start talking about what problems the issue queue creates and what we might do if we could start designing that experience from scratch.

* It's hard to understand a single issue
* It's hard to understand how an issue might relate to other issues
* It's *really* hard for a core committer to grok the issue when it's time to commit it.

Proposed solution: 

1. Discuss, list and prioritise the problems that the current design of the issue queue is causing.
2. Discuss some design approaches that might help resolve some of these issues.
3. Devise a plan of attack, a way to move forward.

A. Provide an issue summary with every issue
B. Document API changes as part of development

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