Friday is the day of Sprints. I know writing code is important, but its also really important to make sure we have more people on board to write that code. This involves doing code reviews. So, let's do this on Friday!

We need people to do code reviews. All you have to do is feel like you have a solid grasp of writing modules and you can this! We want to attack the project application queue.

Want to have your application reviewed in person? Come and join us and make this process more meaningful and speedy. Make sure you have started your application.

And finally, theres lots of other things that can be done. Documentation always needs some extra love. It would be great to get some visual materials to help get more people to both contribute code and review code. Also, it would be super cool to think critically about how Drupal does outreach to get new code contributors, and how we can specially get a more diverse crowd contributing.

Everyone is welcome!

What I can do

So, I'll be around to do organizing and point people to what they can do to help. There is a fair amount of documentation on the process, but due to the Git change, its context is a little off, but the ideas are the same. Please ask questions here, or let me know if there is something you want to learn on Friday as well.

Good idea :) I'm not sure yet

Good idea :)

I'm not sure yet if i'll attend the sprint day, but if I do I can help out. I did a bunch of cvs application reviews a while back, so I have some experience with it at least

me too

Encore. Started at Copenhagen last year, and after a handfull of reviews since, I like to spend some time during the sprint to go through the review documentation for both reviewers and applicants. A lot of new developers make the same kind of mistakes. I like to share these experiences and see if it needs improvement.

This sounds like a good idea

This sounds like a good idea

I think this is wonderful

I think this is wonderful. I am new to contributing to Drupal and have had a CVS application (now a Git application, of course) open for 3 months.

As a first time contributor, I was excited to have finished the module and the application. I even made a video to go with the application. Then weeks, and ultimately months, went by.

It just now got reviewed, but the application process is painfully slow. Perhaps slow enough to deter some people. The excitement and magic of contributing kinda fades when nobody reviews the module you wrote.

And it is shame; the application process itself was great. There was feedback from the community on several items and the module (as well as myself, the programmer) is vastly better off for it. The application review process rocks, and helps ensure high quality code, but the backlog is severe and painful.

I am glad to see that people realize this issue is important, and are having a sprint to review the applications. Thanks Alan for putting this together, and thanks to everyone who participates. This is important work!


Will you be using IRC in this code review sprint? I couldn't make it to Drupalcon, but I would like to be involved.

My project application has been in the queue since January, and as Ted Stein said, the wait has been painful. It would be great if it could be included in the sprint today!

Second IRC

I was mistaken in my earlier comment and my application hasn't been reviewed yet. My project application has been open since early December.

I would love the chance to answer any questions related to the application via IRC.

Thanks to all who take the time to review applications.

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