Let's talk about Drupal in the government sector.

I am personally new to the government sector as a Code for America fellow. So, I invite others to set the topics here on what we discuss (please leave a comment). Some ideas are the following:

  • Networking. Simply just talking about who we are and what we do so that we can remain in contact later.
  • Projects/demos. Showcase projects, demo sites, etc.
  • Discuss the challenges of working in government sector.
  • The future. Discuss what is coming up in the sector and where trends are.
  • Any number of other things....

I'm in

Sounds like a good BoF. I'm especially interested in data display/mapping for gov data.

I'm also in the process of created a community site, but am finding that the community in question is leery of open conversation on government-owned technology. I'd be interested in hearing about other gov agencies that have succeeded in creating engaged communities.

Count me in

We have worked on a number of government and government-partnership sites, including http://youthgo.gov and http://uscites.gov.

There are a number of challenges in working with government site deployments.

I am eager to join the discussion.

I just posted at groups, too


I'd like to see all of us figure out a few of these BoFs as the needs among the many different goves will likely be extensive. I would like to see one big BoF to include all Gov't represented at the conference, including contractors, but who knows how useful that would be. On the other hand, it'd be nice to know some Canadian counterparts.



This would be very useful

With government so much has to do with precedent. The code is only a small part of getting broader adoption of Drupal in government. I can speak a bit to the experience in Canada, but am a contractor.


I work for the Canadian government so I'd be interested in sharing my experiences.

Can someone post the BoF session details here once it's scheduled? I missed it in San Francisco. :(


I work with a contractor that is just now recognizing the prevalence of Drupal in govt. We have a strong focus on compliance with security and accessibility and would love to chat about these challenges. See you there!

I'm in!

I'm in!



I work for the New York State

I work for the New York State Senate and would like to get in on this conference (and I'm sure I could convince some of my colleagues to join me). Times?

Drupal4Gov possible BoF

So, I'm going to look for the BoF board today and slot times for a Drupal4Gov BoF.

The first one will be open to all, including legislative, court, executive branches, contractors, state and local, universities, schools, local gov and international folks, too.

The second one will be more specific and smaller group related, but the first one is all about the networking possibilities and connections. At this BoF, we'll decide on the follow ups and the kinds.


Sounds good to me, where is

Sounds good to me, where is the BoF board?

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