Drupal Fit BoF: Drupal's fitness movement and support group

Who's interested in a Drupal Fit BoF?

Do we know what facilities are available to us in the Sheraton? I can find out when time permits, but it can't hurt to ask here first.

There's also a discussion at http://groups.drupal.org/node/127314 about a Crossfit excursion.

For those who haven't heard of Drupal Fit, here's the general mission statement:

Drupal Fit is a movement to bring Drupal community members together and provide support for getting and staying fit. This movement started long ago at DrupalCons when community members met for early morning runs and group yoga. Drupal Fit now lives mostly on Drupal.org's own infrastructure at http://groups.drupal.org/fit

Some of the goals of this group are:

  • to provide a place for coordinating fitness-related events at Drupal conferences and in local user groups
  • to encourage sharing of productivity boosting techniques and "life hacking" tips with members of the community
  • to send a gentle but persistent message that our bodies are the only ones we have for the rest of our lives
  • and to have fun!

Any runners out there?

I need to get some miles in that week (I'm training for a marathon in April). I'd rather avoid the "woman with no sense of direction running alone in a strange city" scenario. I can do mornings or perhaps a lunch break. I'm looking to do 5-6 most days, maybe with a 10 or so miler thrown in if I get the time.

I would be down for a run on

I would be down for a run on Wednesday morning. Here is a route near the hotel: http://www.walkjogrun.net/routes/current_route.cfm?rid=3519B734-BC56-C40...

I'd also be down with a

I'd also be down with a Friday morning run if folks are interested.

I'm leaving Thurs. so I can't

I'm leaving Thurs. so I can't do Friday morning. I'd absolutely be in for Weds. Let's try to meet up in Chicago to talk logistics. I think my email is in my profile so you can contact me that way.

This brings a whole new

This brings a whole new meaning to the word "sprint" at DrupalCon... geddit? geddit?

Sorry... I couldn't help myself!!

I posted two events on the

I posted two events on the DrupalFit Group for Tues and Weds mornings:



Come join us!

Bootcamp in Grant Park

My Crossfit gym is in Oak Park (first suburb west of Chicago), but they also run outdoor bootcamps every morning in Grant Park and Lincoln Park. The Grant Park one meets just a few blocks south of the hotel.

I talked to Greg (the owner, and my friend) and he said DrupalCon Crossfitters are welcome if they call first and let him know you are from DrupalCon. The drop in fee is $15.


Also marathon training

Mine is not until mid-June, and DrupalCon week happens to be a lighter training week on my schedule. I've signed up for both morning runs.

Sorry I missed you

I got to the lobby on Wednesday at about 7:35 - must've missed the boat. Any other plans to go out again tomorrow?

We'll be there!

See you then.

I ran all by my lonesome

I ran all by my lonesome Thursday. Did I miss people? I thought I left the lobby at 7:35. I figured everyone had found some fun the night before and decided to sleep in. Given how late I was out Wednesday (thank you Lullabot) I enjoyed taking it slow and stopping a few times to stretch.

It was great being able to meet people while getting some training in. I hope to do this again at future DrupalCons.

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