Drupalcon Trivia Night

I have a wild and wonderful idea - A trivia night at Drupalcon.
The idea is to have a pub quiz /table quiz [whatever you call them where you come from] with the questions all being on Drupal and related topics.

Drupalcon organisers have already suggested we can use a BOF space to host the quiz - that will have tables, chairs and room for about 80 people.

I'm happy to set the quiz, and I've got a few volunteers from Drupal Ireland to help out putting together questions.

So I need two things.

1. Participants - Would you be interested in a Drupal Trivia night? Could you put together a team of 4 Drupal Whizzkids?

2. Volunteers - I'm missing two key parts I can't bring from Ireland.
I need a projector [for picture rounds], and a PA system to ask the questions & play music. The BOF rooms won't have these available. Are you based in or near Chicago and could provide these things?

That's about it - questions welcome!

Actually, three of the six

Actually, three of the six BoF rooms will have a projector. And I'm guessing, a sound system, too (just a guess). All you have to do is book one of those rooms, and you should be set.

Late night BoFs can be film festivals, too.... BoF rooms go 24-hours a day. Midnight movies anyone?

Hi Jen [Or anybody else in

Hi Jen [Or anybody else in Chicago]
Is there any way to confirm a sound system in a BOF room, even something basic.
I can shout out the questions, but if I do have an audio round, the little speakers on my laptop won't cut it!

I can bring a small PA

I can bring a (very) small PA system to have as a back-up, just in case it is needed.


Thanks Joe.
That is much appreciated - even something small will be prefect.
If it has a microphone, and I can plug an iPod into it for an audio round, that will do the job.

This sounds awesome. I think

This sounds awesome. I think it would be easy to get participants for this.

Create a way to announce it to attendees and schedule it and you'll be set!

I'd definitely be up for

I'd definitely be up for this. Hope you can pull it all together!

@ Alan, I just found out

@ Alan, I just found out there are 8 bof rooms, and 4 have AV systems. Those ones are arranged classroom style, and hold 60 ppl.

The other rooms have round tables and hold 80 people approx. So that format lends itself to quiz tables and teams, but no AV.

So sounds like you can choose for AV or for a bigger room with a better config- and arrange your own AV.


Sounds great -
I think the rooms with the AV system would be best, even if they are a little smaller.
I hope to have picture and audio rounds!


Quiz going ahead

Hi all, the Quiz is going ahead on March 10th at 8pm, in one of the BOF spaces. We have a few (small) prizes lined up for the winning team.

It's going to be great!

Projector needed!

Hi all,
The BoF room we'll be using has No AV facility, so I'll need a projector, to go along with the PA that Joe has offered above.
Can anyone help me out - I won't be able to bring one from Ireland.


Will be in attendance! Is this a team game or an individual one?

Teams of 4

Hi Greg - Teams of 4 are what we're aiming for.
I'd say there will be a few people looking to make up a team so if you're on your own, or in pairs, you'll be able to make up a team.



Since you are on the official schedule now, I'm guessing you won't need my PA anymore. If you would still like me to have it as backup, let me know...
Joe Kyle

@Joe - I think we'll still

@Joe - I think we'll still need it, so if it's not too much hassle, we'd really appreciate it!


Confirmed with Alan by email, have gear, just need to know what room...

Room fixed

Hi all,
We'll in in room Erie at 8pm.
See you all there

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