Alright, so it isn't technically a BoF, but I still think it would be a fun thing to do. There is a LEGOLAND Discovery Centre in Chicago -

Anyone interested?



More than interested! This

More than interested! This sounds great, count me in.

Legoland would be a great

Legoland would be a great place for a BoF, but it's in Schaumburg, which is a suburb west of the city.




count me in :)

School Bus

As this is a bit like a school excursion, I was thinking we could charter a school bus for the trip. It looks like we could do it for <10USD per head for the bus if there was enough people. Please vote on the bus idea too.

The world should know about this


count me in.

count me in.

Lego sounds fun!

I'll definitely have to have a look!

Save some $$

FYI from another LEGO nerd, these party favour packs include eight free child admission coupons (when you buy an adult admission):

...which at the price of legoland admission, is a substantial money savings!

I'm interested! Would you

I'm interested! Would you prefer a specific date?
Tickets seems to be almost half price if bought in advance (10$ instead of 19$, or 8.50$ after 3PM).





WARNING! Adjust your LEG-spectations as appropriate!

Warning! I took my 8.5-year-old LEGOmaniac of a boy to the LEGO Discovery Center last month, and he was sorely disappointed by it. I was *extremely* disappointed by the cost (nearly $20/person) given what was there - it amounted to a Chuck E. Cheese with bricks and an It's-a-Small-World-grade gondola ride.

I've been to LEGOLand Windsor UK, and read up on LEGOLand Carlsbad, CA, and this is clearly the worst of their properties.

If you insist on going, be sure to look for discount tickets that ease your financial pain.

Be sure to grab a Jamba Juice next door before you go in!

Still interested?

Another negative review -!/richardjones/statuses/43902249759543296

I'm easy - what do others think?


We have access to the DrupalBus from Minneapolis. We just need to decide on a time.

World of Fail

Sorry this didn't happen, the HDD in my laptop died shortly after I arrived in Chicago. This really stuffed up my ability to do any organising. Hopefully we can go to the (better) Legoland in London.

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