Learn From the Grandmasters of User Experience and Design at DrupalCon Chicago!

Design and user experience strategy, like the game of chess, is all about finding solutions to complex problems. At DrupalCon Chicago, some of the grandmasters of user experience and design will be presenting day-long pre-conference training sessions that will help you learn how to think several steps ahead when tackling your next Web project.

These experts include keynote presenters from past and present DrupalCons, as well as the lead user experience expert behind the recent re-design of drupal.org and the Drupal 7 administrative interface. This is a unique opportunity to learn from these world-renowned teachers in an intimate classroom setting.

Designing for Content-Rich Sites
Jared Spool

If you’re interested in some up-close time with DrupalCon Chicago keynote speaker Jared Spool, you’re in luck - he’ll be offering a training session on designing for content-rich sites. Jared founded User Interface Engineering in 1988 and has been a leader in the UX game ever since. He’s also on the faculty of Tufts University and is the author of the book, Web Usability: A Designer’s Guide. His session will include tips and suggestions on how to organize your site in a way that pulls users to the right places.

HTML5 for Web Designers
Jeremy Keith

Jeremy Keith, who some of you may remember as the keynote speaker at DrupalCon Copenhagen, is the technical director at Clearleft and author of several books, including DOM Scripting, Bulletproof Ajax and HTML5 for Web Designers. Jeremy will be guiding you on the road from XHTML to HTML5 including the design principles of HTML5. He’ll also go over different elements such as using audio and video and new structural elements.

What Users Want: A Practical Guide to Making Stuff People Love
Leisa Reichelt

Leisa Reichelt was the lead user experience researcher for the drupal.org redesign and also played a leading role in the effort to improve the Drupal 7 user experience. Leisa is a freelance user experience consultant based out of the UK. She’s currently working on a book titled A Practical Guide to Strategic User Experience and has spoken at many industry conferences and events such as DrupalCon Szeged and UA Europe. At DrupalCon Chicago, she’ll be teaching a workshop that will discuss what makes a good website from a design and usability angle.

If design and user experience isn’t your thing, we also have a wide variety of other training sessions covering topics ranging from Drupal for beginners to enterprise-level performance and scalability. But act soon, as spaces are limited!

You can sign up for training sessions as part of the registration process; if you have already registered for the conference and wish to add a training session, you can do so by going to http://www.regonline.com/drupalcon_chicago and clicking on the "Already Registered" button. You will be asked for your email address and password, and then be taken to a screen where you can edit your registration, including adding a workshop.

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