Module Writing Contest Winners Announced!

Yesterday we announced a module contest sponsored by Tropo - in 24 hours write a module based on the theme of communication.

We had about 10 people submit modules which Robert Douglass, Jeff Eaton, and Morten judged in the following areas: novelty, craftsmanship, functionality, utility, and rockability.

Today we announced the winners:

1st Place winning an iPad and a $200 Tropo credit: Garrett Albright (Garrett Albright) - Go Proxy -

2nd Place winning a Kindle and a $100 Tropo credit: Devin Zuczek (djdevin) - Sign Up SMS -

3rd Place winning an iPod shuffle and a $50 Tropo credit: Rik de Boer (RdeBoer) - SuperSlide -

Special Mention winning a pony signed by all of the judges: Johan Falk (Itangalo) - ArgFilters -

Congratulations to the winners and thank you to everyone who participated!


module descriptions?

It'd be cool to get more descriptions of what these do.

Gratz to the winners!

From the info file

From the *.info file, the winner created a "Gopher-to-web proxy inside of Drupal."


The more substantial part of

The more substantial part of my entry was the Better Getter wrapper around cURL, which GoProxy (the Gopher proxy part) made use of. However, since that part's all code, it doesn't really make much of a presentation. I just wrote GoProxy to demonstrate what Better Getter can do.

This contest was a lot of

This contest was a lot of fun, and I hope to see it become a tradition at future DrupalCons. I have some feedback to make the next contest even better.

  1. After the Great Git Migration and the sandboxes thus afforded, uploading a tar archive of my module to submit it felt a bit silly. For future contests, it should be required that the coding be done in a Git sandbox, and we submit the URL to that instead.
  2. Related to the above, I'd like to see a list of all submissions become available once the deadline passes. A lot of code was just written, and some of it may be of great value, even if it didn't win. In particular, I spoke with someone who worked on adding a simple quoting feature for comments, so that you could easily quote previous posts in your new comment. This sounds like quite a useful feature for community discussion-oriented sites.
  3. Perhaps small coding teams could be permitted in addition to individuals.
  4. Speaking with other contestants, a general consensus was that the topic, "Communication," was vague enough to be sort of uninspiring. On the other hand, I understand that a more specific topic may reduce the number of qualified submissions and/or result in submissions which overlap each others' functionality a bit too much. I'm not sure what the right answer is here, but somehow I hope that future topics can be a little more inspiring somehow. :)

Still bitter about this loss

When after almost a year I think my module still is the most usable and on-point for communication, albeit from a different, but unique, perspective. :)

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