DrupalCon Chicago Session Selection Process

In an effort to keep the DrupalCon Chicago session process as transparent as possible we want to share the session selection process that will take the hundreds of proposed sessions and funnel them down to fill the available slots. Drupal is an open community and we feel that should translate to DrupalCon as well.

DrupalCon Chicago Session Voting Now Open

Session voting for DrupalCon Chicago is now open. Hundreds of sessions have been proposed for the next DrupalCon, and an important step in selecting the sessions for DrupalCon is voting for our favorites.

Voting for the sessions will be handled a little differently this time. Each session has a 5 star rating, and we are looking for the highest ratings. The proposed session listing will display the sessions in a random order each time the page is generated. Our hope is to give no preference to any session due to the ordering.

You may vote on sessions only if you have signed up to attend DrupalCon Chicago or if you are listed as a possible speaker. The sessions at DrupalCon are for the attendees. If you want to attend, you can sign up quickly and easily.

After a five week window to submit sessions, there is a two week window for voting. Voting will close on December 24th.

DrupalCon Chicago Session Submission Closes Tomorrow

At 12pm (noon) Eastern Time on Friday session submissions close for DrupalCon Chicago. Over the past five weeks we have received numerous submissions and will have a great lineup of sessions to be voted on. However, we know there are still some great sessions waiting to be submitted. If you have a session idea brewing there is still a short amount of time to submit it.

Session submission closing time in other timezones:

  • 9:00am Pacific Time
  • 5:00pm Greenwich Mean Time
  • 6:00pm Central European Time
  • 1:00am China Standard Time December 11th
  • 4:00am Eastern Daylight Time (Sydney) December 11th

DrupalCon Chicago Session Submission Closes December 10 at 12pm ET

While DrupalCon Chicago is still months away, preparations for another fantastic Drupal conference are well underway. Having great sessions is an integral part of DrupalCon, and presenters need sufficient time to make sure they have top quality presentations when the day comes to present.

The session submission deadline for DrupalCon Chicago is December 10th at 12pm ET (Eastern Time). If you have an idea for a session, head over to the submission form and submit it right away.

After session submission closes, the voting period will open. Then, a group of sessions will be chosen by the track chairs. The full list of selected sessions will be announced at the end of the year. This is not the end of the process. Sessions have a lot to go through before they get up on stage in front of all the attendees.

The window of opportunity to submit sessions is quickly closing. Get yours in now, before its too late!

DrupalCon Scholarship Application Deadline is December 1 - Act Now!

If you’re an active Drupal community member who would like to go to DrupalCon Chicago, but cannot afford to attend the conference, now is the time to apply for a scholarship!

Scholarships are provided to those deserving individuals whose presence at DrupalCon is important to the health and growth of the Drupal community. We believe strongly that every member of the Drupal community should have the opportunity to attend DrupalCon, which is why DrupalCon Chicago will have more scholarships available for deserving attendees than ever before.

DrupalCon Chicago Training

We're thrilled to announce a very full gathering of training seminars this year at DrupalCon Chicago.

We've got the robustness of Drupal covered, with training sessions on Drupal 7 Module Development, Using Features, Performance and Scalability, E-commerce, Upgrading from Drupal 6 to Drupal 7 and Security for the Real World.

We've also got offerings for those who are just dipping their toes into the waters of Drupal, such as introductions to Drupal, site building, and module building. Expanding out further, we have jQuery Bootcamp for developers who want to grow further, and Hands-On SEO for making marketing happen.

As for getting your hands dirty with design and theming, we have great offerings there too: Design 101, the Non-Themers Guide to Theming, Beginning Drupal Theming and HTML5 for Web Designers. User Experience comes in with Designing for Content-Rich Sites, and What Users Really Want.

We had an amazing amount of training seminars to choose from this year, thank you to everyone who submitted.

We'd love to see you there, seminars are on sale now. Just make your selection when purchasing your ticket!

Submit Your Session Proposal for DrupalCon Chicago Today!

Session submission for DrupalCon Chicago is now open and we are looking for another fantastic round of sessions! If you have a session in mind, get it submitted soon as the deadline is just weeks away. For DrupalCon Chicago the session programming is happening a little differently than past DrupalCons. So, whether you're thinking of submitting for the first time or if you’re a DrupalCon regular, there are some session ins and outs worth perusing:

DrupalCon Chicago Registration and Call for Speakers is Open!

We are happy to announce that Early Bird registration and the public call for speakers for DrupalCon Chicago is now open! This is your chance to be one of the first to reserve your spot at this one-of-a-kind event and guarantee your hotel room at the Drupal Tower, the one-stop location for all conference activities and accommodations from March 7-10, 2011.

Sign up now at

When you register, you'll have the opportunity to purchase your event ticket, reserve your hotel room, sign up for pre-conference training sessions, and the official after-party at Chicago's Field Museum! Plus, anyone who reserves their hotel room at the Sheraton via the website before the end of 2010 will receive a free pair of Drupal pajamas available nowhere else!

We're also pleased to announce our open invitation for speakers at DrupalCon Chicago! This is your opportunity to share your knowledge with DrupalCon attendees.

Sessions that have been confirmed so far include speakers on design and user experience, coding and development, implementation and configuration, theming, business and strategy, and the Drupal community.

In addition to the regular session programming, DrupalCon Chicago will also feature keynotes by Dries Buytaert, Clay Shirky, and Jared Spool. As some of the leading minds in today’s ever-expanding new media landscape, these speakers will inform, engage, and inspire DrupalCon attendees.

DrupalCon Chicago will also include a number of events new to DrupalCon, including a Day Stage, Drupal Means Business track and Core Conversations, as well as the traditional after-conference sprints.

Those interested in helping sponsor DrupalCon Chicago can download a copy of our sponsor prospectus, but don't delay: sponsorship slots are limited and going fast!

DrupalCon is an international event that brings together the people who use, develop, design, and support the Drupal platform. DrupalCon Chicago 2011 will feature dozens of curated sessions and panels from some of the most influential people and brightest minds within the Drupal community and beyond, as well as countless opportunities for networking, code sprints, informal conversations, and more.

Be a Part of Drupal is Everywhere!

As announced in the closing session of DrupalCon Copenhagen, we're getting the word out about DrupalCon Chicago by passing out stickers at upcoming DrupalCamps and other meet-up events around the world!

Clay Shirky, Jared Spool, and Dries Buytaert to Headline DrupalCon Chicago 2011

We are proud to announce that Clay Shirky, Jared Spool, and Dries Buytaert will be appearing as the keynote speakers for DrupalCon Chicago, which will be held March 7-10, 2011. As some of the leading minds in today’s ever-expanding new media landscape, these speakers will inform, engage, and inspire DrupalCon attendees.

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