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Business and Strategy

Android is a great open source mobile platform. On the local device, it has many sensors (for example, GPS) to collect much information that a user can or cannot easily gather. The information travels through the internet, works with remote resources, and returns to users with rich customized results and functionality. This awesomeness demands an equally powerful and open platform on the server end, because of much processing power and logic workflow needed . If developers build a powerful server framework from stretch, it is not fun and too costly to be a favorable solution. Therefore, finding an open-sourced, powerful, extensible and scalable framework should be the first thing on the developers' mind.

Drupal, on the other hand, is used by web developers worldwide to build sophisticated community interactive websites.

With add-on modules support, Drupal is also a web application framework with tens of thousands of features such as flagging system, approximate search, barcode generation, and many other social publishing functions. The Drupal Services module is the add-on module that allows Drupal content to be retrieved and saved through a standard API using pluggable communication mechanisms including XMLRPC, JSON, SOAP and REST. Also, with pluggable authentication mechanisms including OAuth and Key Auth, the communication between frameworks is highly secured.

Therefore, building cloud applications with the two platforms will immediately have both web portal and mobile portal, and the development cost is predictively minimal since the huge open source communities support together with hundreds of thousands of existing add-on features.

This presentation will focus on 1.) Business Entrepreneurship 2.) Resources Reusability 3.) System Integration

Intended audience: 

Entrepreneurs, Visionaries, Business Owners, Creative Directors, IT Professionals, Project Managers, Organizers, Strategic Thinkers, Lobbiest, Engineers

Questions answered by this session
Question 1: 
What are existing applications, products, frameworks using Android & Drupal together? and How they use them?
Question 2: 
How would phones, tablets, TVs, bicycles, cars, microwaves, toilets .... and so on communicate with Drupal?
Question 3: 
What existing Drupal Modules will have great use in mobile?
Question 4: 
What is mobile connectivity, system concurrency and reusability?
Question 5: 
Mobile Commerce based on DrupalCommerce Services Integration (If the project is ready by then)
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