Architecture & legacy mashup with Drupal of a massive B2C website

Implementation and Config

This session will focus on B2C website architectures relying on Drupal, with strong performance, load and availability contraints.
To illustrate this session, we will Go through the architecture of one of the largest e-merchant site in Europe.
The session will be divided in 3 parts.
The first one will explore layers of a scalable and performant website able to handle thousand of users simultaneously.
The second part will talk about robustness with 2 active production sites, hot Drupal deployment & failover.
In the last part, legacy integration with Drupal by ESI (ESIGate) will be described how to use Drupal as a template provider.
These architecture patterns can be applied to Drupal 6 or 7.

Intended audience: 

This session will target architects and developers interested in critical B2C websites and transactional legacy integration with Drupal.
The session targets an intermediate level.

Questions answered by this session
Question 1: 
How to boost performances of a Drupal B2C site?
Question 2: 
How can we hot deploy new version of your Drupal?
Question 3: 
How to manage 2 active production sites with Drupal?
Question 4: 
How to integrate Drupal with legacy systems?
Question 5: 
How Drupal can be used as a template provider for other web applications?
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