Bad Judgement, Eldorado Superfly, Khaaaaaaan: Joke modules and what they tell us about Drupal

Time slot: 
March 9th, 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM
Sheraton 1
Drupal Community

"If you want to tell people the truth, make them laugh, otherwise they'll kill you." - Oscar Wilde

Drupal is for business. Drupal is for enterprises. Drupal is for ecommerce. Drupal is for social media. But is Drupal also for fun? We think so.

There are a handful of Drupal modules and themes that do more (or perhaps less) than solve a particular technical problem: They employ humor to make a statement. In this session, we explore how and why humor is used. We ask whether or not it's beneficial to the community as a whole. And we smugly eat cupcakes while looking down on the world from our lofty ivory tower of philosophical meta-humor.

We'll even talk about how specific modules use humor as a device to convey a message.

  • Bad Judgement: Gentle criticism by hyperbole
  • Eldorado Superfly: It's named to keep you away
  • Khaaaaaaan: Finite State Machines are as sexy as James T. Kirk
  • And more...

For Drupal to succeed as a community, it is important to learn to communicate effectively.

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Intended audience: 

Anyone with a funny bone and a nerd badge. Special seating will be reserved for members of The Global Alliance of Jeff Eaton Fanchildren. Discount fares are available for those who have filed bike shed bugs against Bad Judgement.

Questions answered by this session
Question 1: 
Does humor jeopardize the image Drupal wishes to convey?
Question 2: 
Should we stop (or conversely, encourage) silly modules from being checked into Drupal?
Question 3: 
Does humor have a place in the social aspects of Drupal's code-centric world?
Question 4: 
Does humor make it easier for others to feel comfortable with Drupal?
Question 5: 
Are we going to talk about the "hooker" module and start a new Drupalgate scandal?
Bad Judgement, Eldorado Superfly, Khaaaaaaan: Joke modules and what they tell us about Drupal has been selected and voting is closed.



It would be great to see eaton presenting at this session as well :D

Will Bikeshed For Seating

Wild horses won't keep me away from this session.

Come to think of it, I should write wild_horses.module...

Session overlap - Drupal 4 Evil

Is there session overlap?

Maybe you and Fox could work together?
- That session has a slightly more provocative description.

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