Become an IA superstar: building essential navigation in Drupal

Time slot: 
March 10th, 2:15 PM - 3:15 PM
Sheraton 1
Implementation and Config

Learn how to slice, sort, expand, and tweak Drupal’s menus in flexible ways to build a usable Information Architecture for your website.

Drupal 7 comes with a fantastic menu system. Unfortunately, the ways that core presents that navigation is limited to breadcrumbs and full “trees” displayed in blocks. Additionally, Drupal presents unique challenges to site builders who don’t want their users to go off the rails and get lost (the “disappearing menu” problem.)

With the rise of new widespread IA patterns like mega menus and new challenges like the lack of hovering on touch screen mobile devices, Drupal must adapt or die.

In this session we’ll explore several contrib modules that extend Drupal’s menu system to provide solutions to all these IA issues, including Menu block, Menu position, Menu item container, and Mega menu, many of which are used on the Drupalcon Chicago site.

Intended audience: 

Site builders working on any medium or large website. And people looking to engage, laugh and share during the presentation and discussion.

Questions answered by this session
Question 1: 
How do I display the primary links at the top and the child links in the sidebar? And why can't Drupal core do that?
Question 2: 
How can I build a mega menu even cooler than the one on the Drupalcon site? How can I keep it accessible?
Question 3: 
How can I fix Drupal’s disappearing navigation problem? I want all my blog posts to look like they are underneath “Blogs” in the menu! #%?&!!!
Question 4: 
How do I create drop-down menus for hover-less touch-based mobile devices, like the iPad?
Question 5: 
How can I get editorial control over the placement of menu items in column-based navigation blocks?
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Just wanted to say this was an excellent session. I'm looking forward to the video to refresh a couple things.

There was a question in the Q&A about "Doesn't the Context module already do that?" with respect to one of the modules that John presented, to which he replied jokingly "That's been around already for a year? Well then, don't I look like an ass?"

What didn't get mentioned but probably should have is that solving menu issues with these modules treats the issue at the appropriate level, and you don't have to learn about Contexts to solve the much more common problem of menus.

Context is only a partial fix

Thanks to an attendee who emailed me, I just discovered that Context module’s "menu item reaction" only works with the theme’s $main_menu and $secondary_menu variables.

The Menu Position module affects the menu tree in all places that the menu is displayed, including Menu module blocks, Menu Block module blocks, Menu tree module pages, breadcrumbs, etc. Everywhere!

It’s the “make this work everywhere” problem that I was trying to solve. There are too many piecemeal solutions around that were driving me crazy.

Very good presentation

Very good presentation and presenter! I enjoyed this session very much because it proposed solutions to problems I have faced. Thanks!

Great presentation

I found this the most useful of the sessions I attended and look forward to applying what I learned to fix our breadcrumb problems, for starters.

>Just wanted to say this was an excellent session. I'm looking forward to the video to refresh a couple things.

Indeed, I'd like to share this video with my co-workers, but I can't find it. Has it been posted?

Currently MIA

It will be posted here once its ready. The conference organizers are readying their whipping sticks while they await a response from the people in charge of the session videos. There are a number of popular sessions with missing videos.

If the worst case happens, I'll re-do the presentation as screencasts and post a link here. But that would stink because the audience participation was amazing. Of all the presentations I've given, this one had the best in-session feedback. To all the people who attended, thanks for making my Drupalcon fantastic!

any word on the acclaimed

any word on the acclaimed missing video? I'd love to watch it!

Looking forward to the video,

Looking forward to the video, thanks!

Looking forward to the video

Looking forward to the video as well; had to miss this.

EDIT Side note to others also looking forward to the video, the author has started to do parts of this in his podcast. Part 1 is in the newest episode:

looking forward to the recording

I had to miss this session, hoping it will get posted soon!

One Last Time

Thought I'd ask one last time, any chance of the video being posted? Thanks.

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