Building Drupal Platforms

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March 10th, 2:15 PM - 3:15 PM
Chicago 8 & 9
Implementation and Config

Drupal as a platform is exploding. The way organizations plan and build sites no longer fit neatly into one domain, one design, one set of users, or one site. As Drupal moves further into government and the "enterprise" market, it is no longer being built (or sold) as a single site, but as a platform to meet the needs of multiple business units, departments or agencies both internal and external. These needs can be met through a variety of architectural approaches including installation profiles, multisite, microsites, or virtual sites.

When building Drupal platforms, the CMS itself is now just a central piece of the puzzle, but it is only one piece. There are various decision points based on the different strategies that need to be employed for these more complex forms of site implementation. In addition the hosting and maintenance of a Drupal platform for a single or handful of sites is drastically different from how you should approach hosting 600 sites, and the tools you would use to manage deployments is different as well.

This session will cover real-life techniques used to host Drupal platforms for a US government and commercial clients built to provide a massive platform ready to host hundreds of sites.

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Intended audience: 

For the professional site builder that needs to learn how to plan Drupal platform rollouts.

Questions answered by this session
Question 1: 
How to choose and plan for multi/micro/virtual sites?
Question 2: 
How to build a platform to effectively allow for flexibly designed sites?
Question 3: 
How to deploy and rollout new sites in a platform environment?
Question 4: 
What tools are used to manage the platform (version control, etc.)?
Question 5: 
How infrastructure can be deployed and scaled and managed over time?
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Any specific techniques and technologies discussed?

Sounds great, but unclear what specifics will be covered.

Hi, Can you share the slide

Can you share the slide used for this presentation .

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