Building Successful Local Communities: Insights and Best Practices

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March 10th, 3:45 PM - 4:45 PM
Sheraton 1
Drupal Community

Developing a local community is about more than free beer and coffee. It requires a serious focus on developing a social community that is passionate, open, transparent, knowledgable, collaborative, and trustworthy.

The proliferation of new communities worldwide represents varying levels of success at community development. The organization and strategy (or lack thereof) arguably is one of the biggest determinants of success for new communities.

The user group in Lyon, France is perhaps one of the best examples of a local community that has effectively established itself as a major influence within its regional open source community and the larger Drupal Community. It has done so by putting in place new strategies, communications platforms, and organizational processes to achieve goals and objectives set by its members.

This session explores how Lyon and other local communities have grown in the last year. It aims to spur discourse and provide new insights and best practices that will help communities on both sides of the Atlantic be more effective in the years ahead.

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Community Members, Community Leaders, Media, Analysts, Business Leaders

Questions answered by this session
Question 1: 
What does a strategic plan look like for a local community?
Question 2: 
How does a local community define shared goals and objectives? What do community metrics then look like and how does reporting against those metrics help strengthen communities?
Question 3: 
What motivates members of a local community to become active?
Question 4: 
Why do connections with other Drupal user groups and open source communities matter?
Question 5: 
How can local user groups better evangelize Drupal in their communities?
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promote session, create resources, share ideas

There is a group on that was just _made_ for this session:

I haven't noticed much discussion there on these topics, maybe it would be a good place to promote your sessions and create some artifacts as resources for afterward?

I enjoyed participating with

I enjoyed participating with with Joao, Ivo and jam on presenting this. Thanks again for asking me to join you!

Sure! Thanks for joining us

Sure! Thanks for joining us :)

Fantastic panel

Indeed, Christefano & Ivo & "jam", it was great having your insights on building local communities.

A couple of resources:

1. I've uploaded the presentation to Slideshare.

2. In the session, I mentioned the book "The Art of Community" by Jono Bacon, which has a website in from where you can download the book (or just click on the title here).

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