Business Trends and Market Feedback of Drupal Distributions

Business and Strategy

More and more Drupal distributions are arising around the marketplace, and this session will take a look at the most stable distributions, but more importantly the business trends that we've seen here at Acquia, as well as the feedback we've heard from our partners. We see Drupal distributions as a way to accelerate Drupal adoption in the marketplace. We'll share some of the successes, where things haven't worked out as expected, where we see the road ahead, and the best way for development shops to use and position distributions while bidding on projects in the marketplace.

Intended audience: 

Development shops interested in leveraging the power of Drupal distributions in the marketplace. Both people interested in learning more about what distributions are, as well as people eager to learn some of the best ways to position them towards potential clients and end users.

Questions answered by this session
Question 1: 
What do Drupal distributions mean to my business?
Question 2: 
How can I leverage Drupal distributions to further my business goals and initiatives?
Question 3: 
What have other Drupal shops encountered while presenting Drupal distributions to the marketplace?
Question 4: 
How are Drupal distributions changing the current development market place?
Question 5: 
And of course, what is a Drupal distribution?
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