Certifications and Drupal: Three strategies

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March 9th, 2:15 PM - 3:15 PM
Sheraton 1
Drupal Community

Certified to Rock, Drupal Guilds, and Lullabot, Oh My!

The debate over certifications for Drupal developers has raged on for several years now, the flames occasionally fanned on various mail lists, forums, and blogs. Regardless of one’s feelings about the issue, as Drupal continues to mature and gain a foothold in the world of enterprise web development, the questions about certifications seem increasingly to be when and how, rather than simply if.

Join this panel for a discussion of certifications from some key players who bring innovative perspectives on the issue. Greg Knaddison, author of Cracking Drupal and partner with Growing Ventures Solutions, discusses the automated grassroots certifications of Drupal community members offered by Certified to Rock. Aaron Winborn, author of Drupal Multimedia and developer for Advomatic, argues for a peer review based grassroots certification, using Drupal Guilds as a natural extension of Open Source. Bonnie Bias, the training manager for Lullabot, will help answer the age-old question, Do you wanna be Lullabot Drupal Certified?

Video available at Archive.org

Intended audience: 

Drupal developers and other people interested in the certifications debates.

Questions answered by this session
Question 1: 
Why might Drupal developers want certifications (or not)?
Question 2: 
What is the history of certification in Drupal? Who have been the key players in the certifications debates?
Question 3: 
What are the pros & cons of automated certifications? What are the secrets behind Certified To Rock?
Question 4: 
What is Drupal Guilds? What would be the pros & cons of a democratic peer review certification?
Question 5: 
What is Lullabot up to? Are they going to get into the certifications game?
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