Coder Module: Easily Port Modules to Drupal 7

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March 9th, 3:45 PM - 4:45 PM
Chicago 8 & 9

Drupal has a number of coding standards that all contributed Drupal modules and themes should be using. Instead of each developer coding in their own preferred style, they are asked to write all code according to the standards outlined in the document. This ensures that all of Drupal's code is written to a consistent standard, making it easier to understand and modify. Drupal also provides its own set of API functions, and as the drop is always moving, a large number of these API functions can change between major releases of Drupal. This can cause hassle for contributed module and theme maintainers as they need to upgrade their code for newer releases.

This session will focus on the new Coder module for Drupal 7, which is a merger of the Code Review and Deadwood modules. This is a useful developer tool which allows developers to ensure that their code meets the Drupal coding standards and can also identify common security coding issues. In addition to providing a set of tests to assist developers when upgrading their modules to newer versions of Drupal, with the addition of the Deadwood module (aka Coder Upgrade) it will now also upgrade your code for you! If you write or maintain Drupal code, you should be using this module.

This session will allow you to see both Coder Review and Coder Upgrade modules in action. We'll run reviews on a module and discuss some of the common styling problems that it can identify for you. We'll also show you how Coder Upgrade can assist you in upgrading your modules to Drupal 7 and, if we have time, how you can help improve Coder by submitting new rules. By the end of this session, attendees will have a good grounding in what the Coder module does and how they can use it to improve their modules and themes.

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Module developers and coders.

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What coder can do for you?
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How to approach upgrading your modules and themes?
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How to best utilize the coder module?
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Should I expect a perfect conversion?
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