A collaborative approach to solving some of Drupals UX problems

Design and UX

This session will be a collaborative workshop to solve some of Drupal's usability issues, or at the very least flush out the positives and negatives of many different ideas. All skills sets are welcome, e.g., developers, designers, editors, etc. In fact we've failed if we only get designers.

Ten usability issues will be presented. The audience will work in groups, and each group will choose 1 of the 10 usability issues. Armed with the issue, each group member will rapidly sketch out their ideas on how to improve the issue. Don't worry, you don't have to to be good at drawing - it's not a drawing exercise - it's a level setting exercise. After sketching for a determined amount of time, the sketcher will present their solution to the problem. After presenting, each person in the group will offer 3 things they like about the design, and 3 things they dislike.

At the end of this session, we'll walk way with key information about the 10 issues. That is, for a given issue, what is the consensus in terms of what people like, vs what they don't like. Perhaps this will negate the need for issues ques that are 250 threads long.

Intended audience: 

All are welcome, but those attending should have a desire to contribute to make Drupal better.

Questions answered by this session
Question 1: 
What usability issues are most important to people
Question 2: 
For a given issue, what solutions to the idea are not accepted as good solutions
Question 3: 
For a given issue, what solutions to the idea are accepted as good solutions
Question 4: 
Workshops like this can solve lengthy issue ques
Question 5: 
Collaboration amongst various skillsets will help to gain consensus faster.
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