Configuration management with Chef

Implementation and Config

Config management shouldn't just be for people who are deploying hundreds of nodes. Config management is about tracking your config as part of the app.

Many configuration management tools exist - cfengine, bcfg2, Puppet and Chef. Notable Drupal projects are already using these tools. Pantheon uses bcfg2 and Acquia hosting uses Puppet. Far too few developers in the Drupal community use these tools and adoption could provide substantial benefit to many developers.

While there is far more to configuration management than can be covered in a single talk, this presentation will focus on what makes Chef different from other config management tools, such as the ability to override cookbooks, the hosted repository of cookbooks and the chef-solo tool, which can be used to configure a system in the absence of a chef server.

We will create a simple cookbook (perhaps something like install and configuration of Drush and Drupal core).

Intended audience: 

Drupal developers of all sorts

Questions answered by this session
Question 1: 
Why do I, as an individual Drupal dev, need a config management tool?
Question 2: 
How can I make custom cookbooks and recipes and override existing ones?
Question 3: 
There are several tools available - bcfg2, puppet, cfengine and chef. When would I choose one over the other? And why do you guys seem to really dig Chef?
Question 4: 
How can Chef be used in the development workflow with a team of 20+ devs?
Question 5: 
Ok, this is cool and all, but it sounds complex. Can I get up and running in the next 10 minutes?
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Very cool session!

This sounds like a great session.

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