Delivering Success - How to Define And Manage Scope During an Enterprise Drupal Implementation

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It's easy to tell a potential client how many innovative features Drupal offers and back up Drupal’s credibility by dropping Fortune 500 company names that are using it. But, where do you begin after the client signs your contract for that feature-rich, massive Drupal site you just sold them on? Do you have a clear vision and understanding of what your client wants? Do you know the steps to take to make the project a success? Often, enterprise-level Drupal projects are doomed to be non-profitable for the agency and frustrating to the client without proper planning and processes guiding their course.

This session will illustrate a real-world client success story and the processes used to make the project successful. It will offer valuable insight on how to:

- Gather requirements
- Build a project roadmap
- Properly plan a project timeline
- Assist with UI Design
- Select the right modules based on client requirements
- Manage client expectations throughout the project
- Select the proper theming approach
- Account for critical decision-making over the course of a project
- Effectively train a client

The session will be presented by Paul Chason, Managing Partner at Mediacurrent Interactive Solutions, LLC. Paul has managed over 50 Drupal projects of all sizes. Some of Mediacurrent's clients include: Miami Dolphins, University of Georgia, and Intermedia Outdoors.

Intended audience: 

Project Managers, Drupal Architects, Business Owners, Developers

Questions answered by this session
Question 1: 
How can I effectively gather a finite set of requirements from a client at the beginning of a Drupal project?
Question 2: 
What process has been successful for properly estimating time for development tasks?
Question 3: 
How can I help a graphic designer that's unfamiliar with Drupal in designing a Drupal theme that's compatible with my client's website requirements?
Question 4: 
Is there a recommended set of modules that have integrated well with each other while providing a wide range of features?
Question 5: 
What do I tell my client when they keep demanding more and more features to be included as part of the project I'm delivering?
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