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March 9th, 5:00 PM - 6:00 PM
Sheraton 4 & 5
Implementation and Config

How do you harness the flexibility of Drupal without sacrificing ease of use and user appeal? How do you tap into the Drupal expertise from other users in your industry? A Drupal Distribution may be the answer for you! In this session, you will learn about four different Drupal distributions. Each has a different focus, but they all aim to make Drupal easier to understand, use, and support. Attend this session to learn about how Distributions work, and how one of them might work for you.

Part of our session will include 4 lightning talks featuring published Drupal Distributions:

Drupal Commons
Drupal Commons is a pre-assembled Drupal distribution you can use to build a community site. Whether for internal collaboration or for an open community, Drupal Commons lets you build a site that integrates Commons-style functions with your own unique needs.

Drupal is a powerful tool for online publishers and NodeStream is a packaged Drupal distribution built for that audience. NodeStream makes it easy to get started with a newspaper or magazine site on a flexible platform leveraging the power of Drupal and its community built tools. NodeStream's focus is on the editorial workflow and social integration with readers of the site.

Civic is a distribution of Drupal, originally built for electoral campaigns and legislative offices with websites run by part-time webmasters and volunteer graphic designers. Civic aims to give people a website that is easy to manage and redesign without any prior knowledge of websites or Drupal.

OpenScholar is designed as a tool for building academic web sites, such as a scholar's personal site or an academic project site. OpenScholar tools and features foster online collaboration and provide relevant site sections, such as "Publications", "Events", "Blog", "Classes" and much more.

Video available at Archive.org

Intended audience: 

Those interested in distributions.

Questions answered by this session
Question 1: 
What are Drupal distributions?
Question 2: 
How is a distribution different from using Drupal core and modules?
Question 3: 
How do distributions make it easier to learn and use Drupal?
Question 4: 
Will using a distribution give me all the power of Drupal?
Question 5: 
How do I find out more about available Drupal Distributions?
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