"Drupal as a Framework" vs. "Drupal as a Platform"

Time slot: 
March 8th, 4:30 PM - 5:30 PM
Chicago 6 & 7
Implementation and Config

There has been a longstanding debate within the Drupal Community as to whether the framework should be separated from the CMS application. This session therefore serves to provide newbies and experts alike with a general overview of the sometimes contentious debate. It is meant to provide context for a debate that likely will be rekindled as the Community seeks to scope D8. Both sides of the debate will be presented, with an emphasis on explaining why framework adherents continue to push for better separation between the framework and CMS application. Use cases for each will be presented and discussed. This topic is especially relevant as D8 seeks to confront an era defined by the needs of mobile computing and cloud-based services.

Video available at Archive.org.

Intended audience: 

Core Team Members; Developers; Local Community Members; Archivists; Media; Analysts; Distro Owners; Newbies

Questions answered by this session
Question 1: 
What is the difference between Drupal as a framework and Drupal as a platform.
Question 2: 
What is the history of the small core debate in the Drupal Community? Why is the issue still relevant?
Question 3: 
Are there others in the larger Community (beside Small Core adherents) who think framework separation is important?
Question 4: 
Why is it important to consider the opinions of the framework separation community in scoping D8?
Question 5: 
What trends make the framework separation position more compelling today than in the past?
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Looking forward to this talk.

Looking forward to this talk. This issue often comes up in earl stages of development and we evaluate how much "Drupal Hacking" will be needed. Turning drupal into a framework and separating the CMS would open up a lot of doors.

Hi, Can you share the slide

Can you share the slide used for this presentation .

Hi, Can you share the slide

Can you share the slide used for this presentation .

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