Drupal Sex Appeal: Attracting More Female Developers

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In one form or another, for better or worse, the "women / sexism / female programmers" issue comes up at every Drupal event. Followed by public and private debate that ranges from truly sexist flame wars to rhetorically-perfect insight.

We are not going to burn bras or beat a dead horse. We will take a clear and organized approach to meeting the goal: increase the percentage of female Drupal developers.

We'll discuss:

  • Why it is important for our expanding technical community, meeting the needs of businesses and organizations worldwide, to attract more female programmers.
  • The main issue: women aren't applying for the jobs waiting to be offered them.
  • Community, workplace and private life impediments.
  • Academia.
  • How women developers in the community began and where they see themselves going.
  • Why we must talk about feelings and relationships to understand this issue.
  • Steps towards creating inclusion - being the community we hope to become.
Intended audience: 

The entire Drupal community, especially developers and employers.

Questions answered by this session
Question 1: 
Why does the low percentage of female developers matter and why is it an impediment to Drupal?
Question 2: 
Why is this a business, financial, and community issue and not "reactive feminism"?
Question 3: 
In a wide-open marketplace and an open-source community, why aren't women coding and applying for jobs?
Question 4: 
What can aspiring women do to change things?
Question 5: 
What can developers do to change things?
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I think this is an important

I think this is an important issue to discuss, but I'd amend it slightly to having more women in the community at large, and not just developers.

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