Finding Your Drupal Niche

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Finding your company's niche in Drupal is the most critical thing you to do to insure your growth and survival. In this session, we will explore how Drupal has evolved, what niches are out there, who the players filling those niches are, and how you can find the niche that's right for you.

The Drupal ecosystem is organic and, just like Darwin theorized about animal species, it is evolving around us. In the early days, everybody in the Drupalsphere was a site builder. As time went on, specialists began to emerge. Now, there is virtually an explosion of different companies and freelancers that specialize in one particular aspect of building as successful project.

The benefits of finding your niche are significant. As Seth Godin pointed out in his book "The Dip", the #1 company in any category will do 3-4x better than whoever is #2. So, finding your niche and being #1 will result in significant growth and security for your Drupal firm.

Intended audience: 

Business owners and freelancers.

Questions answered by this session
Question 1: 
What did Drupal look like in the beginning and how has it changed?
Question 2: 
What are the big niches and who are the players who have successfully filled them?
Question 3: 
What niches are still available to fill in the Drupal space?
Question 4: 
What is the advantage of finding and owning a niche?
Question 5: 
Once you pick a niche, what are the strategies for getting the word out and owning it?
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