How to Win Drupal Friends and Influence Executives

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We can’t all be module builders, but we can help grow the Drupal community. No matter the size of the project, Drupal’s adoption inevitably starts with a single advocate or small group of evangelists that make Drupal’s case to a company hierarchy or local community.

Drupal’s growth and momentum depends on more than just great code. It has to win the Dog and Pony Shows inside boardrooms. It needs local faces (instead of screen names) getting together in person. It requires energy and effort and good old-fashioned networking. Whether it is answering the “can it scale?” question for the 50th time, begging for presenters at a monthly meetup or simply teaching people how to pronounce “Drupal,” being a booster requires patience and skill.

Join this session and learn how to get others on board and engaged with Drupal, based on first-hand experience including:

- Case study of winning Drupal adoption within the world’s largest media conglomerate
- Building a local Drupal user group from the ground floor
- Hiring Drupal agencies and freelancers

Intended audience: 

Everyone! From Drupal enthusiasts who are hoping to help others “see the light”, to anyone looking to convince their boss or IT department that Drupal is the right choice, or those looking to start or expand a local user group.

Questions answered by this session
Question 1: 
Drupal is great, but what steps can I take to convince others at my company to use it?
Question 2: 
I wish we had a local Drupal user group. How do I get started?
Question 3: 
Our local user group isn't growing, how can we revive interest?
Question 4: 
I am not a developer and can't code modules, but I want to contribute to the community. What can I do?
Question 5: 
My company's internal policies don't allow me to contribute code, speak at sessions or post in open source forums. Can I still contribute to the community?
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