Intro to Accessible Site-Building in Drupal

Time slot: 
March 9th, 3:45 PM - 4:45 PM
Chicago 10

What should you do when your client or boss tells you to make your Drupal website accessible? This session will give you the important tools to implement accessibility of your site — the theme, public content, and authenticated user interface. We will cover every stage of a project including planning for accessibility, selecting modules, theming, and testing.

We’ll provide lots of tools and resources for testing and ensuring accessibility. Some themes that are more accessible than others and we’ll tell you which. We will cover the state of accessibility in Drupal 7 and what levels of accessibility you can reasonably expect from Drupal core and contrib modules. We’ll take lots of questions and look at real world examples.

The presenter, Brandon Bowersox from OJC Technologies, has built many accessible websites in Drupal, including the Iowa Department for the Blind website, and has contributed numerous accessibility enhancements that are built into Drupal 7 core.

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Intended audience: 

Anyone building a Drupal website who wants to learn how to make it accessible. The session will cover web accessibility basics. We will show examples of HTML and provide lots of browser-based tools for accessibility testing. We'll cover ARIA and accessible multimedia at a high level only, and more specific DrupalCon sessions will cover them in detail.

Questions answered by this session
Question 1: 
How can I make my Drupal site accessible?
Question 2: 
What are the common accessibility barriers that my website needs to overcome, and how?
Question 3: 
What tools help me manage the accessibility of contributed content that is beyond my control?
Question 4: 
How accessible is the administrative interface of Drupal?
Question 5: 
What Drupal modules and 3rd party accessibility tools will help?
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Just the session we need!

Brandon, I'll bet many experienced Drupalists will also find this session helpful. So many people just don't know what features make a Drupal installation accessible, so they have no idea whether any given change will make things better or worse. As a result, the idea of having to make a site accessible can be paralyzing.

Great topic! I hope it's very well attended!

Much needed - you have my

Much needed - you have my vote!

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