Lessons from Drupal 3

Time slot: 
March 8th, 1:45 PM - 2:45 PM
Chicago 8 & 9
Drupal Community

A few months ago, on a dare, some of us tried to install and run the earliest version of Drupal that we could still checkout from CVS. For my test, I installed Drupal 3.0.2, which was released on 26 November 2001. Note quite ten years old.

What is fascinating about looking at the Drupal 3 release is just how much the Drupal 7 architecture has changed -- and just how much it has not. There are even points in the code where modern debates (such as those over Object Oriented programming) are clearly visible.

So what, if anything, does Drupal 3 have to teach us in 2011? Quite a bit, I believe. Some of the topics we'll discuss:

-- Building a community of code.
-- Licensing and distribution.
-- Templates, themes, and design considerations.
-- Database portability.
-- Performance.
-- Site administration.

We'll look at some of the code, some of the design, and some of the architecture to draw a picture of where Drupal came from, and how its beginnings affect its future.

Video available at Archive.org.

Intended audience: 

Drupal professionals; those interested in Drupal's history. Core contributors or potential contributors.

Questions answered by this session
Question 1: 
Why does Drupal do X in way Y instead of Z?
Question 2: 
Where did "theming" Drupal come from?
Question 3: 
What can past versions of Drupal help us do better in the future?
Question 4: 
What do these words have in common: foo, bar, guy, neo, tux, moo, sun, asm, dot, god, axe, geek, nerd, fish, hack, star, mice, warp, moon, hero, cola, girl, fish, java, perl, boss, dark, sith, jedi, drop, mojo?
Question 5: 
What one core hook in Drupal 3 is still in Drupal 7?
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I'm thinking that this

I'm thinking that this session would be worth the cost of admission on it's own :)


As someone who joined the community around the end of Drupal 5's lifecycle, this could be very interesting.

Sounds like fun :)

I managed to download Drupal 2 (from memory) via the internet archive once. Not sure if you still can...


I can't wait to heckle you Ken ;p

Now that we're on git, you

Now that we're on git, you can go all the way back to the first CVS commit. It's a very interesting experience.

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