Time slot: 
March 8th, 12:30 PM - 1:30 PM
Chicago 6 & 7
Implementation and Config

After more than two years of development by over a dozen developers during several sprints, the Media module is ready for prime time in Drupal 7! Come learn about the magic of the API that has brought together images and videos, from local files and remote streams, all under one package.

Video available at

Intended audience: 

Anyone with a Drupal site who wants more than text.

Questions answered by this session
Question 1: 
What is the Media module? Does it work with WYSIWYG? How do I install & configure it?
Question 2: 
What's with all the Media: YouTube, Media: Flickr, and other related modules? Do they work seamlessly with Media & WYSIWYG as well?
Question 3: 
What happened to Embedded Media Field? How do I upgrade/migrate from that? What about Filefield/Imagefield in Drupal 6? What about File & Image in Drupal 7?
Question 4: 
What about Colorbox/Shadowbox/Lightbox2? What other goodies are waiting for my site?
Question 5: 
What are Stream Wrappers? How does the new core File API implement them? Why should I care?
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Presentation available?

Are you gonna make your presentation available later on? Say a publish of the slides or anything?

is this session on video ?

is this session on video ?


Can you post some sample sites that use the Media module and showcase some of its capabilities?

Media Examples

Hi Marie :)

Best bet is probably to create your own site on and play with the Rotating Banner and Gallery modules as well as adding images / youtube inline.


Gawd the sound is awful, but

Gawd the sound is awful, but I swear it gets better during the middle.

Does the media module work Outside of Gardens?

I was disappointed to see you use Drupal Gardens for your presentation and not a regular Drupal 7 install. I've been using the media module without issue in Drupal Gardens for some time now, but the configuration in Drupal Gardens is not the same as it is for a regular Drupal 7 site. And, I have yet to get it all working outside of Gardens. I was hoping that your session would have addressed the challenges associated with the media module outside of Gardens.

Thanks for commenting! Some

Thanks for commenting! Some people asked about this during the session. The fundamental issue here is not lack of interest in a better non-DG experience, but just lack of work on it. DG has lots of screaming children known as features and bugs, and unfortunately, the team hasn't had a huge budget of time to provide a seamless, well documented experience for site builders.

This needs to change. There are several people who are active in the issue queue now working on documentation, an install profile for site builders and other niceties.

Btw, I do have a fully working D7 version, but using the media_dev profile and the older version of styles. With the current push, I imagine we'll have another beta release in a couple weeks which will be considerably more stable and usable.


The galleries shown in the

The galleries shown in the session demo isn't another contrib module of media module ?

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