Monetizing Content & Driving Conversion With Virtual Goods & E-Commerce

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This is a moderated panel on monetizing content and e-commerce for virtual goods.

Controlled access to website content adds users via registration; allows you to give away freebies, like whitepapers; and can be used to power the monetization (sale) of content or any virtual good. is one example that will be used in a panel discussion of solutions. Panelists will cover:
- Alfresco integration with Drupal, whys and hows
- Ubercart and other shopping cart solutions for check-out
- Payment options and gateways
- Membership and subscriptions to control access to content
- Community-building with content access
- How to engage members with User Points that are a cash-equivalent
- Drive conversion with virtual goods

Intended audience: 

Organizations with virtual assets, such as documents, audio, or video that wish to monetize these by direct sales, membership, or subscription.

Questions answered by this session
Question 1: 
Almost every organization has content that adds value to your web visitors (think free downloads, whitepapers, etc.); learn how to recognize this and discover ways to make you website more appealing, encourage visitors to register, and create new customers (subscribers or members).
Question 2: 
When to select third-party applications and services, like Alfresco, to handle specialize content asset requirements, repository or inventory.
Question 3: 
Shopping cart and check-out processes for selling virtual goods
Question 4: lets members buy with user points and non-members with dollars; how do these mechanisms encourage member participation while attracting and serving a wider community
Question 5: 
What modules did develop or use to implement their solution and where do I get them?
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Mike O'Connor of Commerce Guys is also on this panel

Please consider Mike O'Connor, USA President of Commerce Guys, as one of the panelists for this discussion on monetizing content, selling virtual goods, and additional tips for using registration, membership, and community to engage web visitors and drive conversion.

(note: I was unable to find a User ID for Mike O'Connor that this website would accept to put him on the panel.)

PDMA Monetizes Content With Drupal, Alfresco, & Ubercart

One example we can discuss is a site Blink Reaction built at

This website allows members buy content, stored in Alfresco, with User Points. Members can earn User Point from membership and online community engagement. Non-members can pay with a credit card at check-out.

Find the case study here:

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