Project Management As an Art Form

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March 9th, 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM
Chicago 8 & 9
Business and Strategy

Do you dream about getting the big six- or seven-figure projects, and lots of them? If you aren’t ready with the project management skills it takes to balance 3, 4, 5, or more enterprise-level projects—and all the decisions, personalities, and surprises those entail—your dream could become your worst nightmare.

Building a site today is not simply “building a site.” Websites today are at the core of many organizations, and a project's success or failure can impact reputations, careers, and more. You may know where you are going…but do you know what you’ll do when you get there?

This panel discussion will pull back the curtain and give you in-the-trenches insights into what it takes to succeed at that level you strive for—or may have suddenly found yourself at. Hear from current PMs working at the enterprise level as they discuss their different management styles, decision making processes, people management techniques, project planning approaches, most effective tools, and challenges specific to managing large-scale Drupal projects.

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This panel is targeted at those with existing Web project management experience looking for something that goes beyond the basics.

Questions answered by this session
Question 1: 
How does PM involvement impact the various phases of a project and the organization... and should it?
Question 2: 
How do you say "No" to the wrong type of work and still keep a positive client relationship?
Question 3: 
How do you partner with clients to ensure the project needs are met?
Question 4: 
Are there differences in managing Drupal projects versus other technology projects?
Question 5: 
What are some shared tools to help navigate the questions being answered in this session?
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How is web project management different from software project

My background is in software engineering. I got my BS in computer science in 1985. I worked continuously for 25 years, first as a software engineer, and then in software project management. In 2000 I was certified to teach the "Introduction to the Capability Maturity Model" by the Software Engineering Institute at CMU.

What are the differences between managing software projects and managing web projects?


There was talk about an extended version of the slides being made available. Is this posted somewhere already?


Here is a link to slides from the presentation. I am sorry for the delay:


Session Stack?

Is there somewhere we can get at the slide stack from this presentation to help me fill in my notes?


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