Realtime mobile mapping with node.js, Pusherapp and Drupal


Browser technology is evolving all of the time and with it come exciting new possibilities...
Most modern browsers support web sockets that let us build realtime web applications that we could not have built a few years ago.
In this session we will demonstrate how to build a realtime map based using the geo and openlayers modules that can display moving items on the map without reloading the map page using push technology.
We will briefly discuss the following stack -

  • Android and iphone based triggers to capture movement
  • node.js as a simple yet scorching fast javascript proxy
  • PusherApp and dom subscription basics
  • A splash of jquery in the OSM base map to tie it all together
Intended audience: 

Mapping buffs, Android Fanboys, Javascript Ninjas and Ninja wannabes, UI specialists that are interested in interfaces that rock.

Questions answered by this session
Question 1: 
What is push technology? And why it can revolutionize the way you think about UI.
Question 2: 
How the realtime web affects maps and examples to cool things that we can build this way.
Question 3: 
How can I build a monitoring system for mobile devices location (transit, people and device location monitoring) using some gum, mud and spit err .. node.js, pusherapp and Drupal.
Question 4: 
What is node.js and extremely cool uses for it for high performance sites and creative challanges.
Question 5: 
How to create your own stalker 2.0 application powered by Android, Drupal and a bunch of cool web technologies.
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