A sprint in the life of a highly agile drupal development organization.

Business and Strategy

Acquia's engineering team have been building DrupalGardens at a fast pace for the past year and now that we are heading into open beta we decided it was time to open up and share what has worked well with the community. Chris Brookins (VP Engineering), Linea Rowe (Director Product Management) and Jacob Singh (Principal Engineer) will take you through a 21-day sprint in the life of the Drupal Gardens team.
This session is for:

  • Engineering managers trying to inspire their teams to greatness while watching the bottom line.
  • Project/Product managers looking for ideas on how to respond quickly to the market while maintaining product and team stability.
  • Developers who are tired of death marches, out-of-touch management, community isolation and waterfall documentation quagmires.
  • Designers looking for ways to keep ahead of the developers, and still have time to research and UX test

Our team practices Agile by planning, designing, implementing, releasing and marketing in 3 week sprints. This session will take you through our process and demonstrate the benefits realized and challenges we've faced working with constant change.
Here are a few of the areas we'll be covering:

  • Overview of Scrum and planning: planning, research, velocity, retrospectives.
  • Drupal is a shifting landscape. Dependencies on open source software means you have to be agile in your requirements and goals.
  • How to manage a backlog
  • Releasing often: quicker feedback, more marketing opportunities.
  • Community contribution: team morale and product sustainability
  • Automated testing and deployment - working towards the 5 minute build.
Intended audience: 

Anyone building Drupal solutions, but especially large websites and products.

Questions answered by this session
Question 1: 
How do I run scrum when Drupal is always changing?
Question 2: 
What are the roles on a scrum team?
Question 3: 
What is the "definition of done" and how do I make one?
Question 4: 
Why do retrospectives?
Question 5: 
What tools are good for remote employees practicing scrum?
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