The type revolutionary’s cookbook

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March 10th, 3:45 PM - 4:45 PM
Superior A/B
Design and UX

An exploration of the new tools at the disposal of UX designers for working with type.

The session will begin with a brief history of type on the web then move into the current state of the art. Topics will include an assessment of services than license @font-face fonts including Typekit, Monotype, and FontDeck, and how to use them successfully with Drupal. CSS3 standards for handling type will also be discussed with emphasis on incorporating effects like multi-column layout, hyphenation and justification, kerning, and drop-caps into their themes. Cross-browser and cross-platform issues will also be discussed, especially font smoothing in IE. The session will finish with a look into the future including what we can hope for (and what to lobby for) with CSS4, and what’s in the pipeline for the next browser releases.

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Intended audience: 

User experience designers, or anyone interested in UX design best practices.

Questions answered by this session
Question 1: 
What @font-face service plays best with Drupal and how do I use it?
Question 2: 
What CSS declarations can I use to give my Drupal themes sophisticated typography?
Question 3: 
What Drupal modules can I use to improve typography on my sites and how do I use them?
Question 4: 
How can I ensure that my carefully crafted typography looks great on all platforms/browsers?
Question 5: 
What changes should I expect and plan for in standards and browsers?
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yay type!

Hi guys - I'm the co-maintainer of the Typekit module and am starting to work with Monotype as well on their's. If there's anything I can do to help with your session, let me know!


@jpamental (twitter,, etd)

Typekit module

Great! Any help will be appreciated. Have you also looked at font deck? I have been in touch with them and their API is now ready.

hi guys-

I haven't used FontDeck yet, but have been working with the guys from Monotype testing out their service and working more on their Drupal module and API. I think we're also going to try and set up a BOF to look at internationalization and challenges with large-character-set fonts. It'd be great to get together during the conference and I'd be happy to contribute in any way I can.




Hi guys... technical representatives from Monotype will be attending the event and looking for an opportunity to assist in some way? Let us know!

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