Understanding the Semantic Web and Drupal

Time slot: 
March 10th, 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Superior A/B

Among the new features of Drupal 7, RDF is undeniably the one that many site administrators and developers will have never heard of before. This session will introduce the Semantic Web and its underlying technologies. We will take a tour of the various semantic flavors around with a strong emphasis on RDFa, which is the one included in Drupal 7 core. While the RDF module is very lightweight and does not seem to do much out of the box, we will show how powerful it can be for SEO and as a replacement for custom APIs when interoperating with other sites on the Web. Facebook, Google, Yahoo!, New York Times, Examiner.com and BBC are just a few of the numerous websites which either consume or expose RDFa, opening up a lot of possibilities for the growing Semantic Web of Linked Data.

Video at archive.org.

Intended audience: 

site administrators, module developers, coders. This sessions should also be relevant to anyone evaluating Semantic Web technologies or interested in learning about the Semantic Web.

Questions answered by this session
Question 1: 
What is the Semantic Web and all its buzz words like Linked Data, RDF, FOAF, SIOC, SPARQL
Question 2: 
What components of core are using RDF
Question 3: 
How is RDF seen by machines, and why it’s useful
Question 4: 
How does RDFa play with other metadata standards and HTML5
Question 5: 
Overview of RDF in contrib
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Will there be slides and/or a recording for this session?

RDF UI demo?

It seems that the demo of the RDF UI is left off the end of the video. Anybody know if there is a complete video of this session, or another good online demo of the Drupal 7 RDF UI?

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