Using Drupal as a framework for Mobile Web Development

Business and Strategy

Mobile development is the rage. How can drupal play a role? We'll discuss SDK options for mobile development, HTML5's role and how we used Drupal as a framework for the mobile apps to check home for enterprise mobile web application development.

An introduction to the mdot, hybrid and native apps
How your site can be part of the mobile world
Using services module and json

We'll discuss mobile development that goes beyond games and displaying your content on a mobile device. We'll provide examples of real time two way communication, geo tracking a fleet of devices using openlayers and google apis.

Intended audience: 

Our track will speak to a wide audience, from developers looking to learn about tool sets and methods to decision makers who want to see how to take the iPad from a media consumption device to a powerful workforce communication tool.

Questions answered by this session
Question 1: 
What are the available development tools for mobile development?
Question 2: 
What is mobile development?
Question 3: 
How to use services and openlayers to create an integrated mobile and web application?
Question 4: 
What are possible challanges with using Google maps API and openlayers?
Question 5: 
How to deploy and maintain mission critical 24/7 mobile applications?
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Any video from this session?

Any video from this session? :)

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