Using Hudson to Reduce Deployment and Maintenance Costs

Implementation and Config

Deploying a Drupal application across multiple environments is a time consuming, error prone undertaking. Hudson is gaining popularity in the Drupal community as an easy-to-use tool that automates and monitors repeated build tasks. Leveraging Hudson can streamline development life cycles and lower costs by aiding proper deployment workflows, improving code reliability, and facilitating communication across the team. Non-technical people can also benefit from Husdon's simple user interface and intuitive reporting tools.

This presentation will highlight the capabilities of Hudson when used with Drupal so technical thought leaders can adopt new processes that will improve the efficiency of their team. In addition, installation and configuration instructions will be discussed to help break down some of the barriers for the people who will be implementing the new technology. Live demonstrations will be used to illustrate the benefits of using Hudson with Drupal in the real world.

Intended audience: 

Technical thought leaders, site developers, and system administrators who are looking to automate Drupal deployments, facilitate team communication, and improve reliability of builds.

Questions answered by this session
Question 1: 
How can I improve efficiency of Drupal deployments?
Question 2: 
How can I use Hudson to provide transparency as to the state a Drupal application is in across multiple environments?
Question 3: 
How can I use Hudson to facilitate team communication so issues can be identified and resolved prior to a build going live?
Question 4: 
How can I use Hudson to set up a continuous integration infrastructure with Drupal?
Question 5: 
How do I install Hudson and configure it to work with my Drupal projects so I can start using it as soon as I leave this presentation?
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