Videola: Anatomy of a Drupal distribution

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March 10th, 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM
Sheraton 1
Implementation and Config

Lullabot co-founder Jeff Robbins talks about Videola, a Drupal distribution created to build both paid-access and free-access video websites similar to Netflix (subscription-based), Hulu (ad-supported), Amazon (pay-per-view), Blockbuster (rentals), or even ESPN (live streaming broadcasts). Originally created for, Videola manages video content, ecommerce, users, and everything you need to create awesome video sites. Additionally, Videola can deliver video to desktop, mobile, tablet, and television-based devices. It's open source IPTV!

According to a recent study, Netflix represents more than 20% of Internet traffic during peak times in the US. Video on the web is huge. With the recent release of Android-based Google TV devices and the iOS-based Apple TV, it seems that these mobile operating systems are about to create a new future for television. We hope that Videola can help to democratize this future and open it up for new content creators to distribute and monetize their work.

Jeff will talk about the technologies behind Videola, the problems it's solving, and future directions for the project.

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Anyone interested in IPTV, mobile video, or Drupal.

Questions answered by this session
Question 1: 
What is IPTV?
Question 2: 
How does Drupal support IPTV?
Question 3: 
Who can benefit from Videola?
Question 4: 
What are the issues in delivering mobile video?
Question 5: 
What are the issues in creating television-based interfaces for content?
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