Duo Consulting

At Duo Consulting, we create elegant, functional websites that attract visitors, inform clients and customers, and achieve your marketing goals.

Of course, simplicity is almost always built on a sophisticated framework. Just ask any architect: the clean design of a modern office tower, for example, requires a full understanding of physics, materials science and the needs of the people working in the building.

Our team of experienced, professional developers, designers, marketers and architects takes full advantage of the tools and information at our disposal to build websites and associated applications with your goals in mind. We help you create, organize and effectively manage content, including the text, images, and streaming audio and video seen by your site visitors, as well as the hidden information sought by search engines such as Google, Yahoo! and Bing. Integrated tracking and analysis tools identify marketing, media and business development strategies that work — and those that don’t.

Whatever the scope of your project, you can depend on Duo for high-quality service from start to finish. Once your project is complete, we can provide ongoing development, as well as social media, search marketing, and managed hosting services post-launch.

“Duo” signifies partnership, between our business and yours, and between the people in both organizations. Since 1999, Duo Consulting has remained committed to working in tandem with our clients. Let us help you translate business goals into tangible results.

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