Theming for Non-Themers

Time: Monday, March 7 from 9:00am - 5:00pm
Coffee and registration starts at 8:30am.

Location: Gleacher Center, Room 222
(Gleacher is cross the street from the Sheraton Chicago at 450 North Cityfront Plaza Drive)

Course Description:
We know that the majority of you out there building Drupal sites are not developers or master themers -- you are end users, business owners, volunteers, marketers, and worker bees. You just want to be able to take control and adjust the look of your Drupal site to meet your needs, not become PHP or CSS gurus.

In this workshop you will learn the secret tips and tricks that allow advanced themers to crank out amazing-looking sites faster than ought to be humanly possible. This is a no-code workshop featuring Drupal 7 and Panels, Fusion, and Skinr.

You'll learn the three fundamental topics necessary to control the design of any Drupal site:

- An intro to building the layout of Drupal web sites with Fusion and Panels.
- Step-by-step instructions on how to move and manipulate each page element in your web site.
- Tips and tricks on how to isolate elements displayed by Drupal and control their display.
- Using built-in and downloadable skins to control the positioning and appearance of page elements.

Information Architecture
- Customizing content types and fields to gain finer grained control over the display of your pages.
- Menus that actually work. 'Nuff said.

- Theme manipulation to add custom banners and background images.
- Make images and bits of content auto-rotate on your front page with this super-simple (once you know how) technique.

If you need to tame your Drupal site into one that matches the professional tone of your business, you will love this workshop. Drupal-famous themers from TopNotchThemes and Design to Theme will teach you how to control the display of your Drupal site. Need stuff on your page wider or narrower or over there instead of over here? With gentle guidance the instructors in this one-day workshop will help you click your way to the layout you've always wished your Drupal site could have.

A sample hosted web site, theme, and step-by-step instruction workbooks are included in this workshop. Registered participants will be given access to a special pre-class forum where they can get up to speed on the basics of Drupal.

Maximum attendees: 
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