Upgrading from Drupal 6 to 7

Time: Monday, March 7 from 9:00am - 5:00pm
Coffee and registration starts at 8:30am.

Location: Gleacher Center, Room 602
(Gleacher is cross the street from the Sheraton Chicago at 450 North Cityfront Plaza Drive)

Course Description:
Do you have a site which is 2 years old, and you’re not sure if your site is ready to upgrade? In this day long course, you’ll get expert advice and feedback from Jacob Singh (Engineer), Joshua Brauer (Client Advisor), and Erik Webb (Technical Advisor) from Acquia on upgrading Drupal.

The standard 14 step instructions outlined in UPGRADE.txt for Drupal 6 are simple to follow. Many of the steps are common sense; update contributed modules; back up your site; test restoring from backup; verify and test your new upgrade...

Yet each Drupal site is unique with many contributed modules and modifications which make the process more complex. Our PS team reports that larger sites have on average 80-100 projects installed on their sites. Before a major upgrade, each one of those must be updated to the latest version. But are all of those projects on your site ready with a Drupal 7 upgrade path?

The lion’s share of the work in an upgrade doesn’t happen when you’re working through the step-by-step upgrade process, but when you’re planning your site upgrade. How will changes to Drupal 7 affect how your site works? How will you prepare for and begin the process? What is the status of each of the 80+ projects you employ on your site, and how can you keep track of them?

The question “When we will be ready for an upgrade?” is probably the first one to ask, and will take a considerable amount of research and planning to answer.

Our training at DrupalCon: Upgrading from Drupal 6 to 7 is designed to help you get your own upgrade workflow organized to make the process smoother so you’re better prepared. We will conduct a hands-on upgrade to walk through the process and essential steps. We can also help simplify the process of major site upgrades by presenting a toolkit to help you get organized.

Using a case study approach, we’ll work through site plans which are very similar to your own. In fact, with a pre-conference survey, we’ll be getting a better idea of how our participants sites present unique challenges to upgrading. What do you need to do before you can upgrade? Will it be better to rebuild and migrate? What changes in Drupal 7 will affect how you upgrade your site.

Join us at Drupal Con for our course on Upgrading Drupal to find out more about Drupal 7, and what this means for your own projects.

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