Bryan House

Bryan House is a software product marketer, product evangelist and a serial entrepreneur. He has made films in Indonesia, was a professional brewer in Boston, and has been doing software product marketing for startups over the the past decade.

Bryan is currently Acquia's vice president of product marketing. Acquia is a commercial open source company that makes products and services for the Drupal social publishing system. He was was employee #6 at Acquia when he joined four years ago and has helped grow the company to more than 200 employees. Bryan is responsible for evangelizing Drupal and Acquia to analysts, media, and customers around the globe.

Prior to Acquia, Bryan ran product marketing at EMC for Documentum’s collaboration, document management and search technologies. Prior to EMC, Bryan worked in product marketing and product management at eRoom Technology and Groove Networks. He received his MBA from Harvard, his degree in Brewing Technology from the Siebel Institute of Technology and his BA from University of Massachusetts, Amherst.

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